Top priority: avoid standstill.

Extend service life

Using the most modern testing and measuring methods, we are able to quickly and clearly classify system errors and react accordingly. On the one hand we fall back on our well sorted spare parts stock and on the other hand on our short wire to the leading manufacturers of generators.

Maintenance errors often prove to be the cause of reduced downtimes. The problems occur insidiously and unfortunately all too often result in major repairs. That is why we offer you a comprehensive maintenance service in addition to the elimination of acute malfunctions.

Diagnostics and analysis

Our high-tech measuring instruments detect even the smallest mains fluctuations under full load. By means of extensive documentation during long-term measurements we also find sporadically occurring events and errors in the synchronization of the power supply.

In the mechanical field, it is mainly imbalances that cause permanent damage to bearings, gears and shafts and thus reduce service life. Here too, we have the necessary know-how and the technical means to counteract undesirable developments in good time.

Our service includes among others

  • Frequency/iso-/vibration measurement

  • Testing the voltage regulators

  • Protection relay test

  • Network analysis

  • Thermography methods

Maintenance, troubleshooting and bearing replacement

Our highly qualified, experienced staff is on duty worldwide to get your generators back in operation as quickly as possible. No matter whether it is mechanical problems or maintenance measures in the electronics.

A large part of the downtime of generators is caused by improper maintenance. Thanks to decades of experience in generators from all manufacturers as well as analog and digital control systems, we are able to eliminate failures or carry out bearing changes on site and, if necessary, replace generator components.

With the help of laser technology we align waves exactly. By means of targeted measures, from the modification of individual components of the control systems to general overhauls, we prevent further failures quickly and sustainably. We are also happy to advise and assist you with the commissioning of new systems from any manufacturer.

Our service includes among others

  • On-site repair/exchange
  • Bearing replacement on site
  • Laser alignment of the generators
  • General overhaul in the factory and test bench problem run
  • Commissioning of generators
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting by trained personnel

Special orders and additional service

We prepare test and diagnostic reports and documentation for vibration / frequency and iso measurement. The renewal of cables and lines is part of our range of services, as is the conversion of start-up systems and synchronisation in parallel operation with the grid.

Our service includes among others

  • Conversion from stand-alone operation to mains paralleling capability

  • Start-up synchronization of several 10kV generators to different transformers

  • Ship Generator Commissioning (PTO, PTH and PTI capability)